Nowi Shrine

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About her

Nowi is a Manakete, which is a race of people who can shapeshift to dragons using dragonstones. Her birthday is September 21. and she is somewhere around 1'000 years old. We have 2 daughters named Nah and Morgan.
Even though she's several centurys old, Nowi loves to play around and generally have fun. That does not mean she's just behaving like a kid. When taking care for her daughters or generally when the situation calls for it, she can be quite mature and caring. She has a bit of a flair for drama, mostly when she's bored and has an unsuspecting victim on hand.
Playing pranks is one of her favourite past-times but she also loves any type of game.
She prefers warmer weather and can't swim.

About me

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About us

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Currently all of the Gallerys are located on imgur. I'll change that as soon as I get to it.

Cute Pictures

Here you find an imgur gallery with some of my favourite pictures.

Drawfriends booru

These are all the pictures created by drawfriends


Infos and Pictures of Outfits Nowi would like to wear (and I'd like to see her in).


A collection of picture of our two lovely daughters.